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On the other study, we found around an one and a half percent that level 16 Here there's a zero point 71 much less of WoW Classic SoD Gold a percentage of the population that are level 60 Plus on trial soccer. So , the average person here is levels 20 through 25. So on the other one, it was level 35 to 14. This is level 20 to 25.

Based on this information we can actually gather a lot of information. What we can see the world as it's always going to be human. It's the race that is played the most. Paladin is the most played class The server's % is playing Paladin, I think it was something along the same in the tackle department as well. Similar to if you simply go back to the video you'll see that the Paladin charge chart was huge too.

A large portion of people playing a paladin that's kind of surprising. Yes, guys who have Paladins are great. On the server however, players appear to be between levels 20 and 25 with all the cool stuff. It looks to Cheap WoW SoD Gold be 35 to 14. Based on that , there's two issues we can speak about right now.


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