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What is the total goal bet? The easiest way to bet on the total number of goals

Betting on football matches based on win-loss results is always an exciting game, favored by many. Additionally, there are countless types of bets. Today, Thabet Sports will introduce to you how to place bets on the total number of goals. So, how many total goals are there? How to play? Then join us win betting tips to find the answers in the article below.

Total Goals Scored

Bet on the number of goals or more understandably, the "total goals bet." This is a type of bet where players predict and place bets on the total number of goals scored by both teams after 90 minutes of the match.

The handicap bet will be in the range of A-B (A bookmaker in betting for the game.

For more details, please continue to see the rules of betting and specific examples below to understand more about what total goals mean.

Number of Goals and Rules of Various Bets from Thabet

Continue to learn about what the number of goals means? You and the management board can learn more about the types of bets and rules to understand better.

Regarding the level of betting on the number of goals, wintips offers various ways to play. Different types of bets are provided to give players more choices. Players can choose the betting level that they think is most suitable and easiest to win.

Calculation formula for the "total goal" market bonus

Bonus = bet amount x odds

The most popular goal bets on wintips include:

Appropriate goals

Goals in the first half

Extra time goals

Entire game

In the designated match, predict the final number of goals of the match.

All goal bets are based on the result of the match according to the "Limited Time" (45 minutes in the first half and 45 minutes in the second half, including injury time) according to the standard (less than 90 minutes of play not counted). Extra time and penalty shootout results or disciplinary decisions of the league's disciplinary committee leading to changes in results are not counted.

If the entire playing time of the Youth Championship is only 60 ~ 80 minutes, etc. (Including injury time). Then consider all "Valid Bets" bets. Extra time points will not be counted.

If the match is temporarily paused / canceled / interrupted, all bets will be void. Unless the match is canceled or interrupted by the result of the "7 or more" bet type. Otherwise, all bets will be void.

First Half

In the designated match, predict the number of goals scored in the first half.

All first half betting results are based on the result of the match "Limited Time" (45 minutes in the first half, including injury time) according to the standard. If the result of any game is determined by the Game Discipline Committee, thus changing the result of the game, all bets will not be counted.

If the first half of the match lasts only 30 to 40 minutes and continues like this (including injury time). Then consider all "Valid Bets" bets.

If the match ends before the first half ends, all bets placed for the first half will be void. Unless the game is canceled or interrupted, the result is the type of bet "3 or more". Otherwise, all bets will be void.

If the match ends before the second half ends. All first-half goal bets will be considered "Valid Bets".

For you: whats a bookmaker? What is the role of bookmakers?

Additional Time

Goal scoring results during injury time will be counted as the result of the entire match during injury time (not including the 90 minutes of the match).

6 Tips for Betting on Total Goals

Continue to search for in-depth answers. What is the goal barrier? Let's learn 6 effective betting experiences with Thabet.

Place valid total goal bets on the Thabet homepage or other online football betting sites. You need to know how to read football odds, odds analysis, and effective betting predictions.

Many people rely on football experience and talent to lucky win in betting games. Below, Thabet will share with you some small and most effective total goal betting experiences.

Choose 2 teams of equal strength

Why does Thabet advise you to choose 2 teams with equal strength for the total goal bet?

It's simple, because they are equally strong, they will score very few goals. A higher defensive mentality to increase the chance and maintain fitness, the scoreboard.

Gather information about the team is the most important factor. It serves as the basis for determining and analyzing the situation of the game.

When you understand the form of both teams, betting seems to become simpler and more accurate.

Without a certain understanding of each team, it is impossible to know the strengths and weaknesses of each player, making it difficult to place bets.

Choose a strong team

When betting on the total number of goals, to get more wins, another important thing is to choose a strong team.

You should choose two football matches with different team levels, styles, and playing styles.

Based on your analysis skills, you make an appropriate total goal.

Avoid placing total goal bets that are not suitable for the abilities of each team.

Analyze the strengths of each team

Another experience is that you should analyze the advantages of each game and make the most accurate choices.

Choose the best casino advantage for new players. In other words, you should choose a strong team and play at home.

Playing at home will help the whole team feel comfortable and play better. Therefore, the total target will be higher.

When the bookmaker offers betting results, you should consider before making a choice.

One of the most important advantages is the form of the players. You need to observe and understand the situation of the match as well as the form of each player.

Choose the best odds for the number of goals

After carefully analyzing the form of the team and players. This is the time for a decisive blow.

Thabet gives you a small tip to bet on the total goal, which is to choose a high ratio A - B to increase the chance of winning.

For example:

If you analyze carefully and predict the result to be only about 2-3 goals. Therefore, the way Admin plays suggests that you always choose a score from 4 - 6 goals. Thus, the gap will increase, thereby increasing the chance of winning.

You should apply this experience to football betting because goals here are always high. The gap will increase. If you still don't know what football betting is, understand it now.

Choose a major event

Because if you choose to bet in a popular game. Therefore, the team is very familiar and will not be confused by new factors. From there, you can predict the score more accurately.

Carefully analyze the number of goals faced

Share more experiences of those who have participated in football betting.

Another tough experience of the total goal bettors wintips is to analyze the history of the confrontations between the two teams.

Because the goal difference is clear statistics. Analyze and synthesize the main factors of the season to accurately predict the number of goals scored in the upcoming match.


Betting on the total number of goals is a very popular betting method, chosen by many. This betting method is very simple, easy to understand, and has a high winning probability.

Especially, to get these pieces of information, please refer to and research the information shared in the article above. Of course, these will help you carry out an effective operation process.


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