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09 Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on Football: Stay Away as Far as Possible

Football betting is increasingly becoming a mental pastime for many enthusiasts of the sport. However, there are quite a few players who keep losing despite their efforts. This is because during the process of football betting, they make some mistakes that lead to continuous losses. Therefore, in this article, Wintips will share with you some asian handicap prediction tips common mistakes to avoid.

Betting on Football without Experience in the Odds

Football betting offers a wide variety of odds from bookmakers. Apart from common main bets like handicap, 1×2, over/under, there are also many side bets such as corner kicks, Asian handicaps, yellow cards, red cards, etc. Each type of bet has its own characteristics, calculation of win/loss, and different payout methods. Moreover, reputable bookmakers have their own odds and rules.

However, many players often bet on unfamiliar odds, types of bets in which they have no experience. They are overly confident, thinking that they understand the odds perfectly, applying the same mechanical approach from one type of bet to another, from one bookmaker to another. This leads them further away from success. Therefore, it is advisable to prioritize familiar odds for betting. For unfamiliar odds, thorough research and understanding of all related information are needed before placing bets.

Believing in Luck

This is a very common mistake when participating in football betting. Many players believe that betting is a game of chance, entirely dependent on luck. They place bets based on their own emotions, supporting whichever team they like, favoring players they admire, without analysis or judgment.

According to experienced players, luck plays a minor role in football betting, only accounting for a small percentage, 3-5%. The rest depends on understanding information related to the match such as head-to-head history, recent form of both teams, venue, etc. These will be practical grounds for making accurate football betting decisions.

Not Updating News Regularly

There's a saying: '3 seconds ago is already the past.' People, things, and events are constantly changing over time. However, many players do not have the habit of regularly updating news. This leads to their inability to grasp the real situation of the match, the form of the teams, the health, and mentality of the players before they step onto the field. Consequently, they make wrong betting decisions.

Therefore, to win bets in football betting, you not only need to understand information related to the match once but also need to follow and update news regularly before the match takes place. In this age of booming information technology, searching for and updating this information is not too difficult. It all depends on the effort of the players themselves.

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Engaging in reckless betting on football matches with high payout odds

One of the common mistakes when betting on football matches is to recklessly wager on odds with high payout rates, hoping to receive a large bonus when winning the bet. However, the odds offered by bookmakers with high payouts are often as high as 99% inaccurate.

In reality, these odds are just traps set by bookmakers, playing on people's greed, leading players into pitfalls for the bookmakers' benefit. Therefore, when encountering abnormally high payout odds, it's essential for bettors to carefully consider and prioritize placing bets on outcomes with lower payout odds, as winning less is still better than losing everything.

Following the crowd when betting on football matches

The herd mentality has a significant impact on people's psychology, not only in betting but also in daily activities such as business, buying and selling, etc. For bettors, especially novices with little experience, they often lack confidence in their own thoughts and analysis. Therefore, when they see many people betting on one outcome, they immediately follow the crowd.

In reality, this is an extremely negative practice that bettors must avoid. It carries significant risks, leaving bettors passive without calculating win-loss probabilities, easily getting caught up in the game. Moreover, when losing, bettors don't understand where they went wrong, unable to draw experience from analyzing the odds for themselves.

Not knowing when to stop betting on football matches

Another mistake to avoid is not knowing when to stop betting on football matches. This is the fastest way to end up empty-handed after each game. Many players still hold onto the wrong mindset of trying to recover losses when losing or going overboard when winning.

According to professional players' advice, knowing when to stop is the key to effective football betting. Limit yourself to betting on no more than 3 matches per day. This allows you time to analyze the odds, make accurate choices, and have time for rest.

Borrowing money to bet on football matches

When betting on football matches, one should never borrow money to place bets. If you win, it's fine, as you can repay the debt and still have some profit left to play with. However, if you lose, you'll have to bear additional debt along with the interest on that borrowed money.

To avoid making such mistakes, bet within your financial means. It's best to use no more than 10% of your total income to participate in betting. This ensures that your daily life, family, and work are not negatively affected by your betting activities.

Only betting on one bookmaker

Many players, especially inexperienced ones, stick to only one bookmaker when participating in football betting. They believe it's best to focus on analyzing matches and selecting the best outcomes from one bookmaker. However, this is a mistake because no bookmaker is 100% perfect.

Furthermore, sticking to one bookmaker will prevent players from gaining opportunities to hone their skills and accumulate experience. Therefore, it's best to explore other top bookmakers, compare odds between them to find the most suitable betting rates.

Being overly confident and making subjective decisions

This is a common mistake, seen in both novice and experienced players, especially those who have experienced several consecutive wins. At that point, they become overly confident, leading to subjective decisions, inadequate analysis of odds, and failure to consult additional information.

Confidence is essential, but excessive confidence leads to arrogance and self-satisfaction. It can ruin players and leave them empty-handed. Therefore, players need to be cautious, avoid being complacent, and seek advice from experts to increase their chances of winning bets.

The above are the top 09 common mistakes frequently encountered when betting on football matches. Hopefully, through this shared information betting tips best sites from Wintips, players can learn valuable strategies, avoid these mistakes, and discover effective ways to earn the most rewards from bookmakers.


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