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What is corner kick handicap? Detailed guide on how to play corner kick handicap

What is corner kick handicap? Is playing corner kick handicap complex? How to win corner kick handicap? Let's explore best under over 2.5 tips these questions together with Wintips in the following article.

What is corner kick handicap?

Corner kick handicap refers to betting on corner kick but following the principle of handicap betting. This means the bookmaker will provide a handicap corner kick ratio for the underdog team. It's based on the number of corner kicks taken by both teams. From there, you can determine which side will win in this betting scenario.

You can understand this type of bet as being similar to handicap betting. However, we only focus on the number of corner kicks taken by both teams during the match.

Currently, players can place bets on corner kick handicaps for either the first half or the whole match. However, only major bookmakers offer this type of bet for you to place.

How to read corner kick handicap odds

If you come across a match where the bookmaker offers corner kick handicap odds and you want to experience this type of bet, to see if it's attractive and worth playing or not, here's how you can do it:

Corner kick handicap

For this type of bet, the bookmaker will provide a specific handicap ratio based on the capabilities of the football teams. For example, in a match where one team is much stronger than the other, the handicap ratio is usually high. Players can predict which team will have how many corner kicks. You can base your bet more accurately on the handicap ratio provided by the bookmaker.

This corner kick handicap can be played in the first half, second half, or throughout the match. For instance, if you correctly predict the outcome of the match with the number of corner kicks, you win and receive the betting money.

At this point, you need to grasp and understand the parameters of this betting type. Regarding how to view corner kick handicap odds, you can remember as follows:

Handicap corner kick ratio: This is the number of corner kicks added for the underdog team. The additional corner kicks depend on the bookmaker's odds.

Odds for the favored team: This is the odds when betting on the favored team to win.

Odds for the underdog team: This is the odds when betting on the underdog team to win.

Overall, this type of bet is generally simple and easy to play because the additional corner kick ratios provided by the bookmaker are usually even. For example, adding 3 corners, 5 corners, 7 corners, etc.

There are only a few special cases. We may encounter some corner kick handicap odds with decimals at the end. For example, a handicap of 5.5 corners, 6.75 corners...

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How to differentiate between winning and losing when betting on corner kick handicap

For those who are new to this, mainly, you just need to know how many corner kicks each team has. Combine that with the number of corner kick handicaps offered in the bet. Then, we can completely determine whether the bet we've placed will win or lose.

If the number of corner kicks for the favored team is greater than that of the underdog team plus the handicap corner kicks, then bet on the favored team.

If the number of corner kicks for the favored team is less than that of the underdog team plus the handicap corner kicks, then bet on the underdog team.

So if the total corner kicks for both teams are tied, including the additional corner kicks from the handicap, the bet will still be determined as a win or a loss. This is because the odds of the corner kick handicap bet offered by bookmakers will still have odds such as N, N.5, N.75, N.25 corners (N=0,1,2,3,4….).

In the case of winning the bet, the bookmaker will pay out rewards based on the odds you placed your bet on. Conversely, if you lose the bet, consider the amount you wagered as lost.

Some tips to remember when betting on corner kick handicaps:

Betting on corner kick handicaps is quite straightforward, so many people participate. Especially since reputable bookmakers currently offer this type of bet.

Therefore, when you engage in corner kick handicap betting, you must pay attention to:

Actively analyze and gather all necessary information about the match you want to bet on. Pay attention to accurately assess the condition and form of each team.

Tactical schemes and starting lineups also play a significant role in choosing corner kick bets. Because the team with players capable of playing on the wings and good technique will undoubtedly dominate the opponent. Thus, the frequency of corner kicks will unfold accordingly. Meanwhile, defensive teams will only focus on defending their home turf and clearing the ball out.

Review the results of previous football matches

One of the key strategies in betting on corner kicks is to review the results of previous encounters between the two teams. You can get an idea of their playing style and their ability to take corner kicks. Then, you'll have more confidence and knowledge to place your bets.

Watch the match live

Corner kick bets are often offered as the game progresses, especially in the "Next corner kick" category. Don't miss the chance to watch the match live; otherwise, you may regret missing out on high winning opportunities offered by bookmakers.

In a football match, unexpected developments can occur, which may differ from what you predicted. Watching the match live helps you make accurate predictions; if there are any changes, you can adjust your bets accordingly.

Corner kicks often occur due to mistakes made by players. As the match progresses and players' stamina decreases, their defensive capabilities weaken. Therefore, corner kicks can happen at any time without prior notice.

When reputable bookmakers allow players to bet on corner kick handicaps, players should avoid placing bets too early. Take advantage of monitoring the match's progress and understanding the situation. When the time is right, place your bets accordingly.

Also, remember to choose the most suitable time frame during the match to bet on corner kick handicaps. For first-half bets, consider placing corner kick bets in the final minutes of the half. Similarly, for full-game corner kick bets, make your decision around the 75th or 80th minute onward.


So, we've just finished learning free vip betting tips telegram about the concept of corner kick handicaps. Hopefully, with what we've shared here, you now understand how to play corner kick handicaps. Moreover, if you bet wisely, you can potentially earn a lot of betting money from this type of bet.


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